sugar hill beyond

here – there – everywhere

Our calling is to listen. Our calling is to learn. Our calling is to go. Our calling is to love. Our calling is to give. We named our missions ministry BEYOND because of the very definition of the word: MORE – FURTHER – LONGER – CLOSER – HAPPIER – BETTER.

Our passion is to generate a new culture of missions, a complete redefinition of a very basic and simple concept that has been complicated by the ways of religion and church politics. We are aggressively moving towards the original roots of the Gospel and promoting with our actions a church initiative that takes active steps to never conform with status quo but to constantly transform into an intentional organism that focuses on GOING rather than on GATHERING more.

Today more than ever, its time for the church to break the barriers of the four walls and to take responsibility in the fact that our proving ground lies far and beyond a Sunday experience dictated by lights, haze, and a hip environment.

We are in it for the long-run and we want you to be a part, would you join us?


Our “why” is, simply put, people. We believe it’s our responsibility to find people, connect people, involve people, and send people. We believe everybody needs somewhere to belong, and because of that, we get to love on folks of every age and any stage of life, because that’s what Jesus does.


We are Beyond! We are an organization. A ministry. A group of simple people who desire to carry life, hope, health, progress, transformation, and the Gospel to those, not only within the walls of the church, but to those that may never walk into the doors of the church.


We believe that the calling from God to “Go” is not just for a few but for ALL believers. Here at Beyond, we have made this calling our own. We believe that the example that Jesus gave us by going to people and meeting them where they were is the model. Our goal is to meet people where they are, help meet their needs, and walk with them hand in hand as they grow in their relationship with Jesus. To do this, we will go here, there, and everywhere.