There are many abilities that become a big deal in college. For instance…

– Affordability: the reason you eat fish taco’s from a gas station.
– Flexibility: learning the art of turning a 15-minute break into a “power nap.”
– Wearability: judgement call on getting one more use out of an outfit before you HAVE to do laundry. (usually involves turning something inside out)

All joking aside, there a number of things you learn to do in college, that will set you up for success the rest of your life. Of all the many “abilities” that are useful in college, perhaps the most legit beneficial ability to incorporate into the college experience is ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability is defined as “responsibility, liability, answerability.” It is the encouragement, support, correction and discipline provided by an intentional and meaningful relationship.

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Tripp Atkinson - September 13, 2017

Day 17 - Accountability: A Key to Success

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