I read a headline a while back that said “18 year old girl can face manslaughter charge for allegedly encouraging boyfriend’s suicide, judge rules.”

Newsflash: If someone is encouraging you to hurt yourself, IT IS NOT A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!!!

While I know it is an extreme example, this story illustrates a truth that so many of us experience in our own lives on different levels.  I’m talking about allowing voices to influence us that are not speaking truth in love or pointing us to God’s best for our lives.  All of us have influences in our lives that give us messages based on lies.  While these lies may not lead to our physical death, they may be calling us down paths that lead to pain, regret, and a cheap imitation of God’s best.

A principle we want all students to know is this:  Your life will be significantly shaped by your relationships.

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Tripp Atkinson - September 23, 2017

Day 27 - Influences

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