Mother’s Day 2015

1 Samuel 1:10-13, 26-28; 2:1-2

It’s Mother’s Day – So your gift was to come to church with Mom!

Motherhood is a special privilege and a sacred duty. Think about the role a mom plays in the nurture and development of a child. There is an old proverb: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation and its destiny.” A mother’s love is special – it’s unique.

There may not be a greater heartache than for a woman to have the heart of a mother, the desire to nurture and love a young life, but not have a child. What great pain and struggle for young couples who want a child, yet cannot have one. It grips your heart to see the tears of a woman who wants to be a mother so badly.

This was the circumstance for Hannah, as recorded in Scripture.

In 1 Samuel 1:10-13, we read:

Hannah hurt deeply because she wanted to be a mom. In her pain she cried out to God.  So, what do we learn from this?

Hannah made a promise to God

What a great gift it is to become a mom or a dad, but what a great responsibility. I don’t know about you, but I am overwhelmed by being a father. I didn’t receive an owner’s manual with the birth of my kids. I need someone more qualified than me to help me with this process, and Hannah points us to who that is.

Hannah gives her son to God literally, and she points us toward doing the same. Hannah promised her future son to God. To demonstrate the depth of her commitment, she committed her boy with a Nazarite vow. According to Jewish tradition, Levite priests served until the age of 50. Likewise, a Nazarite vow lasted for a limited time. But Hannah made a commitment that reached far beyond either one. Her vow was for all the days of his life.

That’s an extreme promise for a son she didn’t have yet. Now here is the difficult question: Mom, how much do you trust God? Do you trust Him enough to give Him your children? If not, the next question is, why not? Hannah trusted God completely with her son, and you can too.

Hannah gave her son to serve

Jesus told us that the harvest was plentiful, but it was the workers who were few. A new generation of leaders given to God could change the trajectory of this nation, this state, and this church!

Church – listen up! The mark of a great church is not it’s seating capacity, but it’s sending capacity, I’m confident that this next generation of leaders will make their fair share of mistakes, but Mom and dad – we’ve got to stop worshipping our kids and start teaching them to worship!

Hannah gave her son to worship

When Samuel was weaned, Hannah made good on her vow to God and brought the boy to Eli the priest. Here is how 1 Samuel 1:26-28 describes that encounter

Here is what is amazing about this passage. It is not Eli who worships God, but Samuel. This boy who is at the most, two or three years old at the time, knows how to worship God. How did he learn to worship? He learned from the only person around him: his mother.

Our kids are like sponges, soaking up every thing around them.

Hannah worshiped God and included Samuel in that time. That is how he learned to worship God. If you want your kids to learn to pray, include them in prayer – modeled by you. If you want your children to worship, worship with them. If it is service, ministry, Bible study, or any other spiritual discipline, your children will learn it from you if you model it in front of them and include them in it. It’s all about intention!

Hannah gave herself to God

First Samuel 2:1-2 details Hannah’s prayer. It is the secret to how Hannah trusted God, and taught Samuel to worship God. Look at how I Samuel 2:1-2 records the prayer of Hannah.

Hannah rejoices in the Lord and His salvation. Her horn, which is a symbol of power, is the Lord and her rock is God. In just a few verses, Hannah exalts the might and power of the Lord. These are not just words – they reflect her heart.

Jesus told the story of two men who built homes, one upon the sand and one upon the rock. The storm came and destroyed the house on sand, but the house on the rock stood strong. The purpose of Jesus’ parable was to lead us to build our life on the firm foundation of the rock, which is Jesus.

That only happens when we build it intentionally – Godly homes – Godly parents and Godly children don’t just happen. They require the intentional effort to Serve, Worship and Give our families, ourselves and our kids to God…who is the perfect picture of the perfect Dad! Abba (daddy) Father – He wants us to allow Him to be the head of our homes!

Hannah built her life on the rock. She knew there was no firmer foundation. She was an example of worship to her son. How could she do that? Hannah had a personal relationship with God that fueled her trust, her commitment, and her life.

So, how can you be a mother or a dad, or the leader in your home who trusts God with your children? How can you make a commitment to lead you kids to serve God? How can you be a model and example to your family of a life spent worshiping God?

EASY! Your relationship with God through Jesus fuels your trust, commitment, and life. And you get to choose! You choose how solid your foundation is every single day. Choose to do that today – Start today!

Can you trust God with your children? You can if you trust God with your life.

Can you lead your children to serve God? You can if you serve God.

Can you lead your children to worship God? You can if you worship God.

You can if you have built your life upon the rock of a personal relationship with Jesus and now intentionally allow Him to lead your home and gamily.

Choose Jesus TODAY!