We love being able to serve people here and around the world.

Part of the DNA of Sugar Hill Church is to serve others outside the walls of our church building. A few years ago we asked the question, “If Sugar Hill Church were to cease to exist, would the community and the world know? Would they notice?”

Serving is a really big deal to us both in our community and around the world. Missions and serving isn’t about a program, it’s about people. As Christ followers we want to share His love through word and deed. We count it an honor to serve others in need and in His name. If you are interested in serving with one of our missions partners, click here to register.

In Our Community

Backpack Food Program

Each week during the school year, we provide 270+ bags of food to go home in the backpacks of children in need in 10 of our local schools.  We work with our local school counselors to identify the children who may need food for the weekend. On Thursday mornings, our volunteers come and pack the bags and deliver them to the local schools where they are distributed to the children who need them. Click here to download a donation list.


Donation List:

  • Boxed Mac-n-Cheese
  • Pop Tarts
  • Flavored Rice or Noodle Pkts
  • Cereal
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Oatmeal (individual)
  • Chef Boyardee Grits (individual)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Gift Cards*
  • Jelly (Squeeze Bottles)
  • Granola Bars
  • Canned Chicken
  • Cheeze-Its (individual)
  • Canned Tuna
  • Peanut Butter Crackers
  • Vienna Sausages
  • Canned Fruit

*Gift Cards will be used to refill items and/or purchase fresh fruits.

Brownie Ministry

For many years, Louie and Phyllis Grizzle have baked brownies to welcome new families into our community. Paul and Mandy Brown have taken over for the Grizzles to carry on their ministry. They work with the City of Sugar Hill to identify new families and deliver a box of their baked goodies to welcome them and invite them to Sugar Hill Church. Brownie Brigade members serve once a month by delivering the brownies to homes in our community.

Christmas Sponsorship

At Christmas, we work with our local school counselors to identify children in need during the Christmas season.  Year after year, we have been able to help more and more children in our community with basic needs as well as gifts to celebrate the Christmas season.

Nursing Home Ministry

Join us every Monday morning as we visit one of the nursing homes in our community. We meet at the church parking lot at 9:30am and return by 11:30am. Each week we visit one nursing home and sing, teach and encourage the senior adults in North Gwinnett and our surrounding community.

Local Schools

At Sugar Hill Church, our heart beat is to serve our local schools.  We initiate and maintain relationships with our principals, counselors, and staff  by serving them with whatever needs may arise. Through those relationships we are also given the opportunity to serve the families and children in that local school.  From packing backpack food, to providing school supplies, to purchasing coats and shoes for a child in need, we are blessed to be partners with so many schools in our community.

Lift Ministry

The Lift Ministry partners with our school counselors at 5 local high schools to encourage and help pregnant teenagers, teenage mothers and their babies.  By working through the local schools, our Lift Ambassadors have the opportunity to encourage, mentor and serve one of the most overlooked groups of teens in our community.

Refuge Coffee Company

Not only do our partners at Refuge make a great cup of coffee, but they also serve the greater Clarkston community through jobs, job training, social networking, and commerce. Every year the U.N. settles 2500 refugees in Clarkston, GA and we are honored to be able to partner with Refuge Coffee as they serve this diverse community.

Salt & Light Projects

Throughout the year we encourage our church to leave the church walls and serve at various projects in our community.  Whether you can rake a senior adult’s yard, apply some fresh coats of paint at the North Gwinnett Co-op, or help change the oil of a single homeless mom’s car, there is a project for you!  

The North Gwinnett Co-Op

The North Gwinnett Co-op is one of our greatest partnerships in serving our community.  Throughout the year we collect canned goods, food, clothing, hygiene items and more to assist those living in our community needing assistance.  The Co-op has ongoing opportunities for you and your family to come and serve by helping with food intake, packing bags for families, and sorting clothing donations for their store.


Careportal is a joint effort between the local church and the Department of Family and Children’s Services to meet needs locally and to support children and families in crisis. We work with DFACS as they identify needs in our area and send the needs out via email to the area churches.  Once needs are sent out, individuals from Sugar Hill Church have the opportunity to serve their local neighbors whether it be by providing goods (beds, bedding, car seats, etc), helping with utility bills, or like services. Often times these simple acts can be the catalyst for keeping a family together or helping a child start fresh with a foster family.

Half Hour Heroes

Hundreds of children in our community are in desperate need of encouragement and a listening ear.  By partnering with our local schools, we have the opportunity to mentor children from Kindergarten through High School Seniors in the Lanier Cluster.  30 minutes a week is all that is required to make a difference in the life of a child in our community.

In Our Nation

Christian Library International

Christian Library International (CLI) distributes christian books and bibles in over 1300 prisons in the United States. The donations of these books and Bibles are used to disciple inmates. During 2015, CLI saw over 600 new decisions of inmates coming into a personal relationship with Christ.  CLI recently opened a warehouse facility in Buford. Not only can we donate the books and Bibles, but we can also serve at the local warehouse. If you enjoy writing and discipleship, consider being a “Letter Minister” and have the opportunity to disciple an inmate as you encourage them in their faith walk.

Teach My People

Teach My People, provides academic assistance, character development, cultural and spiritual enrichment, and physical activity daily to children in the community of Pawley’s Island, SC.  Each year they identify 10 first grade students who have been labeled by the school system as “at risk.” Teach My People commits to serve these students and their families all the way through the child’s senior year, and in many cases, beyond.  Each April, our Student Ministry spends their Spring Break serving the families of Teach My People, and in June, our Students spend a day of their Summer Camp providing a block party for the families of Teach My People.

In Our World

Care for Aids

Care for Aids serves 26 Kenyan churches helping them minister to those that are battling HIV and AIDS. So far, they have helped more than 5,000 families and have 2,000 families currently in the program. They have seen more than 1,200 professions of faith.

Through short term mission trips and financial support, we support a Nyalenda Baptist Church in Kisumu, Kenya. Because of our partnership, they are able to feed, train, equip and provides hope for 90 families each year.

Operation Christmas Child

Each October, we partner with Samaritans Purse for Operation Christmas Child. Our church helps with assembling, packing, and shipping shoeboxes to children around the world filled with Christmas items. Each year we pack and ship hundreds of shoeboxes.  We also have the opportunity to serve at the Atlanta distribution area, where we secure the packages for travel around the world where they are distributed to children in need.

Compassion International

Compassion International releases children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Our church sponsors more than 225 children, primarily in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


Our efforts in Haiti primarily are based around the Grace Children’s Home and the work that their local Pastor is overseeing with church plants throughout Haiti.  A few times each year, we have the opportunity to travel to Haiti to share Christ’s love and hope with the children at and around Grace Children’s Home, as well as lead a Pastor’s Conference with close to 100 pastors from all throughout Haiti.