We have been given the greatest gift the world has ever known—the love, grace and mercy of God. At the highest cost to Him, yet no cost to us, we are forgiven forever. Having freely received, we freely give.

If you are just visiting, we are not about your money, but we do want to allow our church family a convenient way to support the ministries of Sugar Hill Church.

Opportunities to Give


To use online giving click here. The first time you give, you will be given the option to create a code/pin. If you choose to do this, it will save you a lot of time and manual entry in the future.


You can also give by texting the word “Give” to: 770-749-7559

donate stocks

To donate stocks to Sugar Hill Church, click here.


These can be given during a service, dropped into the giving box at the exit of the Worship Center, in person at the church office, or mailed to our Finance Department at the address below (Please make checks payable to Sugar Hill Church):

Sugar Hill Church
Attention: Finance Department
5091 Nelson Brogdon Blvd.
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Additional Info:

  • Credit card payments take 24 hours to be posted.
  • ACH payments from a bank account take 4 days (different process from credit).
  • Transaction fees will not be passed on to the givers…100% of their gift will go to the fund specified.
  • A receipt is generated upon payment confirmation.
  • Gifts can be made one time or set up to be recurring.
  • The payment history will only display payments made on our website and not the payments made via the offering plate.
  • The payment history screen is not a substitute for the annual contribution statement we mail.

Designated Giving

A word about designated gifts: Although the church will make every effort to honor the contribution designation of the donor, contributions become the property of the church, and the church has the discretion to determine how to best use contributions to carry out its functions and purposes. Such control of contributions by the church is required to ensure that they will be used to carry out its functions and purposes, and to ensure donors’ contributions satisfy requirements for tax-deductibility.

By contributing to Church designated projects/funds, donors acknowledge that the church has full authority to apply contributions designated for this project to other purposes in the event the project is canceled or oversubscribed, or other needs necessitate such action.