Why Imagine Zero?
It’s driven by our “Big Three” Core Beliefs

Sugar Hill Church is filled with folks that see mission and ministry as a joy and a privilege. It is the heartbeat of our Pastor, our staff, and our members. It flows directly from our “Big Three” core beliefs – that the Bible is a Big Deal, that Jesus is the Biggest Deal, and that We Live this out by Serving.

As much as we love all what God has done and is doing, we have been playing catch-up from an $8.2 million dollar debt. We do not believe that debt is always bad, but when debt makes decisions rather than conviction, bad decisions become sin.

We can do more than IMAGINE ZERO, we can trust God to use the gifts that He has already blessed us with. We can pray that supernatural gifts will be prayed for, pledged, and provided! We can see a way to become DEBT FREE.

And when that debt has been erased, Sugar Hill Church can then IMAGINE MORE ministry and more mission work than ever before!

How can we Imagine Zero?

Imagine Zero Imagine More is a spiritual journey. It will stretch us beyond where we have been stretched, and we pray it will enable us to be positioned and prepared for an amazing move of God through Sugar Hill Church and our ministry partners.
We’re in this together!


Engage in this spiritual journey by praying daily. Prayer is a critical component to this effort. This will never succeed apart from prayer.


As you pray, listen for what the Lord says to you. Begin seeking God’s direction. Write down your thoughts in a journal or the Daily AHA on the church app.


Obey God’s leading in how you can sacrifice for this cause. Together, we can eliminate this debt enabling even more ministry and missions.

Mission Partners: Imagine More

We are so thankful for the many partner organizations we have the priviledge of working with, and we want to introduce you to just a few of them! Learn how they enable us to make an impact in our community, in our nation, and in our world, and dream with us about what it could look like to imagine all the more we could do through these amazing partnerships.

Path Project

The Sugar Hill Path Project serves families in Peachtree Village Mobile Home Park.

They are currently serving 90 children each week.

40 volunteers are needed each week to run at full capacity, and many of those volunteers come from Sugar Hill Church.

This school year, they expanded their program to include preschool, middle school, and high school students.

North Gwinnett Co-op

The North Gwinnett Co-op serves families in Buford, Sugar Hill and Suwanee.

They provide clothing, food and funds for 380+ families in our area each month.

Sugar Hill Church helps through monthly support, food drives, providing volunteers and helping at work days.

Local Schools

We have strong partnerships with the North Gwinnett and Lanier Clusters (7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools).
We currently pack around 300 backpacks of food that go out to children in need in our local schools each week.

We are considered a “First Responder” by most of the schools – able to serve families in need through our school counselors.

We provide school supplies, holiday help, and general help as needed.

Each week, SHC Staff members and lay leaders are in the schools serving through character development, classroom help, mentoring, and simply serving where needed.

Teach My People - Pawleys Island, SC

Teach My People partners with at-risk children to commit to serve them from 1st grade through high school graduation.

They provide homework help, after school help, and support for families.

We provide monthly support and yearly trips to support the work that Teach My People is providing to children at risk in Pawleys Island, SC.

Grace Children’s Home - Haiti

Grace Children’s Home is an orphanage for boys in Haiti with the commitment to see these young men graduate from high school.

Our partnership with Grace Assembly allows us to provide pastoral support to churches throughout Haiti through Biblical training, encouragement, and church planting.

We also provide monthly support and mission trips to support Grace Children’s Home in addition to teaching at Pastoral Conferences with Grace Assembly.

Care for Aids - Kenya

Sugar Hill Church has been able to help over 500 Kenyan families live beyond aids by partnering with CARE for AIDS and Nylenda Baptist Church in Kisumu, Kenya. Just $300 a year extends a client’s life by 25 years. Through your giving, we’re able to provide spiritual, physical and economic support to 80 families each year.

CARE for AIDS provides physical and spiritual support through medical care and health education for HIV and AIDS patients throughout East Africa.

Sugar Hill Church provides monthly support as well as regular mission trips to support the clinic and workers in Kisumu.

Church Plant - Spain

We are partnering with friends in Benicassim, Spain to plant a church.

Pastor Daniel Penaloza has started the house church and is currently meeting with a group of around 20 each week

We provide pastoral support, share church resources, and mission trips.

Taking Care of Our Home

In a similar way that we take care of our personal homes, we believe God has entrusted us with great facilities here at Sugar Hill Church. With Zero debt, we’ll be able to address a number of overdue infrastructure needs (without taking away from our ministry budgets). Here are just a few:

  • Repair or replace aging HVAC systems ($58,000), providing a comfortable environment for those we serve. Currently, all of our major systems are 15+ years old and beginning to fail.
  • Repair our crumbling parking lot ($90,000) assisting in a safe, great first impression for those in our community.
  • Complete the backyard project for Student Ministry expansion and pavilion ($50,000) enabling us to minister to more students and their families.
  • Significantly upgrade Kids Ministry classrooms with current technology that will aid in teaching the Bible to kids.

Just think, what would it look like to have ZERO debt, so we could serve these organizations even more? So we could serve the families attending our church better? Eliminating debt for Sugar Hill Church would provide a greater ability for us to serve in our community, in our nation, and in our world.

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