Monday Message Review
March 23,2015


From yesterday’s teaching:

Pray gratefully
A constant theme which should run through our life is that of gratitude. Paul never fails to mention it.

Expressing gratitude as we pray does several things:

It displays our dependence – It says you know who God is, you know who you are and you are aware, at least to some degree, of how desperate you would be were it not for His presence in your life.

It generates our humility – expressing gratitude continues to remind us of how truly helpless we are without God.

It energizes our relationship – It says we know that He is our Father and that we are His children and as His children we know He loves us and has provided for us out of that love.

There are few things as disappointing or heart breaking as an ungrateful child.
When we fail to express gratitude we are taking God for granted and assuming that we somehow deserve His grace and His kindness.

STOP and open your channel of prayer today…and keep it open with a very real attitude of gratitude.