Power Routines

Power Routines

Power Routines is a journal written by our very own Pastor Chuck Allen, and it is designed specifically to help you have an intentional time with the Lord each and every day! Pastor Chuck is a firm believer in practicing four disciplines in your time with God: gratitude, Scripture, journaling, and prayer. Power Routines walks you through each of these disciplines each day. Once you get a Power Routine down, it’s much easier to stick with it, and we truly believe that if you make a habit out of practicing these four disciplines, it will make a radical difference in your life. This is an easy to use journal that you can make your very own! You can spend ten minutes a day in your journal or an hour; it really is what you make it and what you need it to be! 

You can find any of our Power Routines journals at The Store at Sugar Hill Church or on Amazon.

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