Meet our Staff

You won’t find any perfect people in the list below, but what you will find are people who fully believe that Jesus is the biggest deal, and who love their church and their community with all their hearts! We hope you learn a little bit more about who we are and what makes us tick as we tackle this journey of life together.
Chuck Allen
Lead Pastor
Bobby McGraw
Executive Pastor
Zach Brown
Worship Pastor
Mauricio Menesses
Pastor of Sugar Hill Español
Rhonda McMahan
Kids Pastor
Jordan Chambliss
Student Pastor
Beth Sudderth
Executive Ministry Director
Austin Poff
Creative Arts Pastor
Josh Neal
Production Director
Parker Waters
Digital Media Director
Andy Smith
Worship Ministry Administrative Assistant
Rachel Bramlett
Communications Director
Laura Menesses
Executive Director of Ministries for Sugar Hill Español and Beyond
Ann Bishop
Community Mission Director
Blanca Miranda
Administrative Director of Sugar Hill Español
Red Hernandez
Worship Pastor of Sugar Hill Español
Paola Martinez Muñoz
Women's Pastor of Sugar Hill Español
Brett Davis
Discipleship Pastor
Carolie Simpson
Adult Ministry Assistant
Debbie McGrath
Women's Pastor
Neil Strong
Pastor of Congregational Care & Senior Adult Ministry
Joe Wells
Elementary Pastor
Allison Pinckley
Kids Ministry Assistant/Sunday Morning Coordinator
Amanda Allen
Kids Ministry Events Coordinator
Suzanne Cullen
Kids Ministry Childcare Coordinator
Abigail Strayhorn
Student Ministry Coordinator
Karen Brown
Family Ministries Communications
Alma Carranza
Receptionist and Ministry Assistant
Sue Sheldon
Records Assistant
Leah Brown
Finance Assistant
Vickie Lambright
Hospitality Director
Julie Whaley
Director of Weekday Preschool
Jerad Poff
Facilities and Operations Pastor
Oscar Angarita
Facilities Specialist
Jeff Puckett
Facilities Assistant