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Transforming the Brain in Relationships | Chuck Allen & Julie Homrich, LPC

This is a practical, and powerful conversation about how we transform our brain. Every moment of every day we can develop, enhance, or restore our relationships, in our family, friends, and marketplace. To understand what is happening in our mind is an essential element to personal and spiritual development.

Transformed Week 2 Fieldwork – Abide

There is not one “right” way to approach your week or even your day. What we encourage is going into each week and each day with intentionality. Of course, our schedules tell us what we plan to do, but they also shape who we become.

That’s why it’s important to have a plan. Obviously, things don’t always go as we plan them. But having a plan enables us to live with purpose. We have the chance to design our days instead of reacting.

Below are several templates to help get you started. Feel free to download and adapt. The goal is to have a plan that fits you — your personality and wiring. 

Downloadable Templates

Pastor Chuck’s Daily Journal Sheet
Pastor Chuck’s Daily Productivity Sheet
Pastor Chuck’s Weekly Productivity Sheet
Planning Your Day Tutorial Video
Time Blocking Cheat Sheet
Daily Planner Template

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