Weekday Preschool

Welcome to the Weekday Preschool at Sugar Hill Church, where teaching children a love for God, His world, and other people is so important. Our core values are founded in the desire to have children learn through God’s Word, creative curriculum, daily life experiences, and the classroom environment.

Registration for the 2023-24 school year opens to new families on Monday, 1/30/23.  In early January, we will begin receiving registration forms for new students, which will be held in the order received until Open Registration begins.  

Registration details including classes offered for the 2023-24 school year and an online registration form are provided below under “How to Register.”

For inquiries about tours, registration, or employment or to request records, please email Jill Garrison (jill@sugarhillchurch.com).

For all other inquiries, please email our director, Julie Whaley (julie@sugarhillchurch.com).


5091 Nelson Brogdon Blvd (Hwy 20)
Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518

(770)945-8681 (Weekday Office)
(678)636-0081 (Fax)

What We Desire

Our Vision + Mission

The importance of preschool experiences cannot be overemphasized. These experiences are foundations upon which other education is built. The preschool years should be happy and relaxed – a time in which children feel successful.  When a child enters the Weekday Preschool, he does not come merely for academic development. Rather, he comes to develop habits and share experiences that will provide a firm foundation upon which he will continue to build throughout his education and life.

At Sugar Hill Church, a child will be provided an environment to learn to interact socially with teachers and other children, to work and play in a group and to grasp the concept of sharing. Children will be given the opportunity for following simple and reasonable directions as well as creative, emotional and artistic expression. The children are taught how to use books, to love and appreciate them, and to realize that pictures and words convey meanings. Opportunities for self-expression through music and singing, show and tell, drawing and painting, conversation and other creative activities are provided to help the children as they discover who they are.

The Weekday Preschool is an outreach program of Sugar Hill Church engaging our community with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. The learning environment, which teaches children about themselves and the world around them, is designed to stimulate an awareness of our God and His love for us.

Weekday preschool is really an adventure for any child. It is the beginning of an exciting new phase of life – the school years.

What We Teach

Our Curriculum

Our core curriculum is Wee Learn which is published by Lifeway Christian Resources. Wee Learn is composed of thematic units that are appropriate for and of interest to preschoolers. This curriculum incorporates learning concepts and idea expression through play (the work of young children). Children will have the opportunity throughout each unit to explore, discover, imagine, imitate, and create in centers of language arts, mathematics, blocks, home-living (dramatic play), puzzles, manipulatives, art, science and nature, sand and water, and music. Bible concepts and character development partner with every theme of study, reinforcing that God and His Word are relevant and important to all areas of our lives and our world. Other materials and resources are used to enhance and supplement the Wee Learn curriculum in all classes.

All classes attend a Music and Movement enrichment class daily, as well as a weekly enrichment class focused on STEAM.  Our Pre-K and TK classes have an additional Spanish enrichment class weekly.  Each week, ages three and older attend Chapel, an early childhood appropriate worship experience helping preschoolers grow in their understanding and love for God, other people, and our world.

How to Enroll

Enrollment Eligibility

A child must be the age of the enrollment class on or before September 1, 2023, for the child to be eligible for that age level class in the fall of 2023. A non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee is required at the time of registration. There will also be a list of supplies which parents are asked to provide before school begins. Tuition payments are due on the 1st day of the following months to maintain enrollment: July, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable at the time of receipt. Children enrolled in 3-year old classes and older are required to be toilet trained before entering preschool. A current immunization form must be provided by August 1, 2023 and prior to the child attending school. Updates must be provided if a child’s immunization record expires at any time. For more information concerning immunizations, please contact the Weekday school nurse.


Meet our Team


Julie Whaley


Tiffany Casey

Assistant Director-Operations

Jill Garrison

Assistant Director, Admissions and Employment

Trenda Curran

Registrar/Records Assistant

Donna Nowak

School Nurse

Barb Morton

Resource Assistant

Katie Franklin

Ministry Assistant

Jalana Jennings

Ministry Assistant

Sarah Dallape

Curriculum Coordinator

Karen Tabert

Stellar Sub

Patricia Falco

Custodial Assistant


Valerie Dowdy

Music & Movement Teacher

Jennifer Dowdy

S.T.E.A.M. Teacher

Priscilla Merida

Spanish Teacher

TK Team

Anoek Ashley

Lead Teacher – TK

Amy Sampona

Lead Teacher – TK

Angela Tuchscherer

Assistant Teacher – TK

Jara Zari

Assistant Teacher – TK

PreK Team

Gail Bellville

Assistant Teacher – PreK

Jordan Davidson

Lead Teacher – PreK

Natalie Flores

Assistant Teacher – PreK

Lindsay Huie

Assistant Teacher – PreK

Rebecca Rogers

Lead Teacher/Team Leader – PreK

Amy Struphar

Lead Teacher – PreK

Mirela Ille

Assistant Teacher – PreK

Sue Ward

Lead Teacher – PreK

3-year Old Team

Kelly Cundy

Lead Teacher – 3’s

Sarah Dallape

Lead Teacher – 3’s

Dawn Figueroa

Lead Teacher – 3’s

Jennefer Gaines

Lead Teacher/Team Leader – 3’s

Monica Hooks

Assistant Teacher – 3’s

Angie Homer

Lead Teacher – 3’s

Taylor Khan

Assistant Teacher – 3’s

Stacie Latella

Lead Teacher – 3’s

Nikki Moore

Assistant Teacher – 3’s

Mandy Nackers

Assistant Teacher – 3’s

Erica Padilla

Assistant Teacher – 3’s

Astrid Pires

Assistant Teacher – 3’s

2-year Old Team

Diahn Alexander

Assistant Teacher – 2’s

Farah Bohannon

Lead Teacher – 2’s

Joni Cline

Assistant Teacher – 2’s

Day McMillan

Assistant Teacher – 2’s

Priscilla Merida

Lead Teacher/Team Leader – 2’s

Elle Sullivan

Lead Teacher – 2’s

Elena Willms

Lead Teacher – 2’s

Toddler Team

Suzanne Cullen

Lead Teacher – Toddlers

Emily Gay

Assistant Teacher – Toddlers

Jessie Henry

Assistant Teacher – Toddlers